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Jalan Besar in Seri Kembangan to be turned into a one-way street

TO ADDRESS the long-standing traffic congestion problem in Jalan Besar, Seri Kembangan, the state government has decided on a drastic move.

Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah said part of Jalan Besar, which is the main artery of the blooming township, will be turned into a one-way street.

Last year, the state government instructed the Selangor Public Works Department (JKR) to study the traffic congestion at Jalan Besar and come out with a plan to improve the situation.

The study, which was carried out between July 29 and August 11 last year, covered a 147.7ha area in and around Seri Kembangan.

A total of 26 junctions were examined.

The report showed that peak hours at Jalan Besar were between 7.30am and 8.30am, as well as 5.45pm and 6.45pm.

About 5,000 vehicles travelled on Jalan Besar in an hour.

Most of the junctions along Jalan Besar were graded “E” or “F” in terms of level-of-service (A is the best while F is the worst).

“The consultant hired by JKR suggested to turn Jalan Besar into a one-way street connecting Jalan Raya 1 and Jalan 1/10 to create a ring road.

“The state government approved the project and will fund the total cost of RM36mil,” Ean Yong said.

The project consisted of four stages. The first stage involved constructing the missing link between Jalan Raya 1 and Jalan 1/10, and changing these two roads and part of Jalan Besar into one-way streets.

The one-way traffic on Jalan Besar would allow motorists to head towards the direction of Serdang Raya and South City Plaza.

Those who are going into Seri Kembangan from the direction of Serdang Raya and South City Plaza would have to use Jalan Raya 1 and Jalan 1/10 instead.

The cost for the first stage was estimated at about RM8.9mil. It would take 32 weeks to complete and works are expected to commence this month.

The other stages are:

­­— Upgrade the existing bridge over Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway and upgrade the junction of Jalan Utama and Jalan Besar.

— Upgrade Jalan Besar (the stretch between Jalan 1/10 and Jalan Jinma 7), and the junction of Jalan Besar/Jalan Raya 5 dan junction of Jalan Besar/ Jalan SK6/1.

— Upgrade Jalan Raya 4 (from the roundabout to the junction of Jalan Raya 4/Jalan Raya 5) and upgrade Jalan Raya 5 (from Jalan Besar to the junction of Jalan Raya 4/Jalan Raya 5). Also upgrade the junction of Jalan Raya 4 and 5.

The whole project would be carried out in a span of three years.

Ean Yong added that the 230 traders affected by this plan would be relocated to the new market, which would be opened after the Chinese New Year.

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching was confident that this plan would alleviate the traffic congestion suffered by the Seri Kembangan residents.

“Right now, Jalan Besar is a dual carriageway with a total of four lanes (two lanes for each direction).

“Acquiring the land and widening Jalan Besar is not an option so one-way traffic was proposed,” she said.

She added that motorists who double-park at Jalan Besar often make the congestion worse.

“We will legalise the parking lots along Jalan Besar as part of this traffic integration plan,” she said.

Source: TheStar

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