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Find tranquillity – Malaysia Star

Find tranquillity Malaysia Star The same talk will be held at UTAR’s Kuala Lumpur Campus on April 7, 11am-noon, and on April 15 at UTAR’s Sungai Long Campus from 1pm-2pm. MARCH 24: Coffee aficionados, here’s a chance to equip yourself with some coffee knowledge. and more »

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Find tranquillity – Malaysia Star

Cheras-Kajang Highway toll relief – The Edge Malaysia

Cheras-Kajang Highway toll relief
The Edge Malaysia
The Cheras-Kajang Expressway was embroiled in controversy in 2008 following a dispute with residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras. The residents had opposed a three-feet high concrete barricade which effectively closed off a sliproad that allowed residents

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Cheras-Kajang Highway toll relief – The Edge Malaysia | "mahkota cheras" – Google News

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Cops smash break-in gang – Malaysia Star

In another case, five members of a robbery gang, including two women aged between 20 and 30, were detained at a house in Bandar Mahkota Cheras on Jan 7 at about 10.30am. ACP Abdul Rashid said 13 sharp instruments, including parang, samurai swords…

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Cops smash break-in gang

House owner shocked by high electricity bill

A house owner in Jalan Dayang in Bandar Mahkota in Cheras was shocked to receive a electricity bill for RM8,038.

Chi Tong Fuat, 65, said Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) had disconnected his electricity supply and informed him that he had to settle the arrears before supply could be restored.

“I had rented out that house in 2007 and was told that the tenant had not paid the electricity bill since the day they moved in. What puzzles me is why did TNB wait 44 months to take action?’’ Chi asked.

“The standard operating procedure is that if you do not pay your bill for three months in a row you get a pink slip from TNB reminding you to pay or they would cut supply.

“But my tenant has not paid for four years, yet electricity supply was not disconnected. Had TNB done their job I would not be saddled with such a high bill,’’ he said.

Chi’s situation had been made worse since his tenant absconded without settling the bill. He sought the help of Serdang MCA Public and Services Complaints Bureau chairman Allan Liew Sin Kim.

Liew said he found the case rather odd as the bill was allowed to accumulate far exceeding the RM300 deposit and for four years without even sending out a single reminder

“If the tenant had received a notice to disconnect I am sure he would have settled the bill. To allow him to get away scot free without paying for four years shows how irresponsible and negligent TNB can be,’’ Liew added.

Serdang MCA deputy chairman Datuk Hoh Hee Lee said TNB’s bill clearly stated that customers who failed to pay would receive a pink notice to disconnect supply.

“If the notice had been sent out, the tenant would not have been able to escape without paying for electricity for so long.

Hoh said TNB should be made responsible for this oversight.

In an emailed statement to StarMetro, a TNB spokesman said TNB had disconnected electricity supply to the premises on Jan 6, 2009 after sending out repeated reminders to the occupant of the house. By then the bill had accumulated to RM1, 655,45.

When TNB went to remove the meter on April 1 this year, it was discovered that there was an illegal connection. Hence, Chi was being billed for the illegal supply as well.

Liew, however, is not satisfied with TNB’s answer and wants to know why TNB waited until 2009 to disconnect the electricity supply and then another two years to remove the meter.

“If they took their job seriously and had gone to remove the meter earlier they would have discovered the discrepancies. How can the consumers trust TNB if this is the standard of service they dish out?’ he asked.

Source: StarProperty

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